This course is part of the Harvestime curriculum and designed for believers ready to worship the true God in spirit and in truth..

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This course covers the following:

Introduction: A Call To Worship 4
Chapter 1: A Biblical Theology Of Worship     7
Chapter 2: A Prelude To Worship                   17
Chapter 3: Defining Worship                           24
Chapter 4: Counterfeit Worship                     29
Chapter 5: Acceptable Worship                     46
Chapter 6: Old Testament Worship 1  Early Worship    55
Chapter 7: Old Testament Worship 2   Worship In The Tabernacle    67
Chapter 8: Old Testament Worship 3           86
Worship In The Historical Era
Chapter 9: Old Testament Worship 4     Worship In The Poetical Books      114
Chapter 10: Old Testament Worship 5    Worship In The Prophetic Era: Major Prophets   139
Chapter 11: Old Testament Worship 6    Worship In The Prophetic Era: Minor Prophets    156
Chapter 12: New Testament Worship 1   Worship In The Gospels And Acts  170
Chapter 13: New Testament Worship 2    Worship In Revelation    179
Chapter 14: Personal Preparation For Worship  191
Chapter 15: Biblical Elements Of Worship 1       199
Chapter 16: Biblical Elements Of Worship 2       219
Chapter 17: Biblical Elements Of Worship 3       239
Chapter 18: Warfare And Worship                        246
Chapter 19: Leading Worship                                259
Chapter 20: Spirit-Led Worship                            275
Chapter 21: The Manifested Presence                 283
Chapter 22: Hindrances To Worship                     293
Chapter 23: Living A Worshipful Lifestyle            304

Appendix section.

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Please be advised, to earn the certificate below, all courses must be completed in the following studies.  Certificates are NOT issued for single courses. 

Certificate:  Foundations of  Prophetic Ministry Training 

Ministering in the Prophetic
Knowing God's Voice
The Ministry of the Holy Spirit 
Biblical Worship
Strategic Spiritual Warfare

Upon completion of The Foundations of Prophetic Ministry training certificate course, students will be equipped to accurately preach and interpret the word of God through the gift of prophecy, which the Holy Spirit gives. As a result, they can bring hope to God's children in this dying world. It will provide them with biblical guidelines and revelation for prophetic ministry today as we prepare for the second coming of Jesus Christ. This program will equip students to accurately preach and interpret the word of God through the gift of prophecy given by the Holy Spirit, releasing hope in this dying world to God's children.

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About the course

Biblical Worship

This study is based on the Holy Bible, the written Word of the one true God, which reveals that all of creation has been called to worship. The angels (Hebrews 1:6); the nations (Psalm 86:9); the elements (Psalm 96:11); and God’s people (Psalm 67:3). This is a newly added course to our program. 

This manual is a primer on worship for new Believers and an invitation to seasoned Believers to experience biblical worship in a new dimension. For all, it provides instruction in what we will do for all eternity: Worship. When at last we are at home with the Lord, preaching, teaching, and praying for the sick and demonized will cease. But worship will continue forever. Let’s prepare properly now for what we will do in eternity.

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Margaret O.

Course(s) Taught: Biblical Counseling, Substance Abuse Counseling, Life Coaching, Christian...

 Dr Margaret is the president & founder of Sword of The Spirit Bible Institute. She possesses a Masters of Arts in Christian Studies and a Doctorate in Biblical Studies from Masters University of Divinity, Indiana. In addition,  Dr. Margaret has obtained professional certifications in healthcare and advanced ministry training in Biblical Counseling, Coaching, Christian Ethics, Marriage & Family Counseling, Addiction & Recovery Counseling, Benefits of Godly Wisdom, Practicing Self Care, Systematic Theology, Biblical Mentoring from several Christ-Centered training programs and organizations to include the American Association of Christian Counselors, and the International Institute of Faith Based Counseling. 


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