Sword of The Spirit Bible Institute

A Biblically Centered Training Program


We greatly appreciate your support of our ministry efforts.  Your donations will go a long way in helping us to fulfill the mission and purpose of the organization.

We currently require financial support for our ministry training program which will help us to continue to offer free online and in-person Christ-Centered certificate and tuition free diploma program training to our men and women in underserved communities. 

Our student population consists primarily of individuals in underserved and poverty-stricken areas around the world who are not able to afford bible college or quality Christ-centered education and desire to serve their communities as missionaries and church ministry workers.    

DOZme International is a 501c3 Nonprofit Christian organization and all monetary donations made to the ministry is tax deductible.  A contribution receipt will be sent via email for every gift made to the organization.

Please click link below if you would like to support our ministry.  We appreciate any donation amount.  Thank you!





Please access link to make payment for enrollment and graduate fees. Upon payment of enrollment fees, you can begin your course.  Once graduation fees are paid, you can submit a request for graduation. 

Enrollment Fees - $10

Graduations Fees (Final Project & Certificate) - $50


Fees paid to the school are Non-Refundable. 


Refund Policy: Please note that DOZme International, the parent organization of Sword of The Spirit Bible Institute is registered in the USA as a non-profit, tax exempted ministry organization.  We therefore cannot issue refunds under any circumstances.  That means all fees paid to us remain NON-REFUNDABLE to the student, should the student decide not to continue with his/her studies.  This includes any and all moneys made for: Enrollment Fees,  Graduation Fees, Project and any other administrative or operating costs.



Sword of The Spirit Bible Institute

A Biblically Centered Training Program
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