Sword of The Spirit Bible Institute

A Biblically Centered Training Program


Frequently Asked Questions 

How old must I be to enroll in a course? 

18 years of age


Do I require a high school diploma to register for your program?

Yes!  You have to be a high school graduate or obtained a GED to enroll.


Do you charge for your courses? 

All our courses and materials through SOTS are FREE.  However, our diploma program charges a small fee for enrollment/registration, the final project, and the certificate (this is called the graduation fees).


 Is there a registration fee for your courses? 

No for the certificate program and Yes for the diploma program.

Do you offer any degree programs? 

We currently do not offer degree programs at this time.  However, Harvestime International, our curriculum provider does offer an Associate degree in Biblical Ministries which you are welcome to check out.  Visit their website at Harvestime International Institute (harvestimeinstitute.org)

Are your courses transferable to other schools?

We cannot guarantee our courses transfer to other schools since we are a training program strictly dedicated to biblical ministry training. The decision to accept our courses is at the discretion of the accepting school. Please check with the school to which you wish to transfer before enrolling in a Sword of The Spirit Bible Institute course.

Please note we are NOT a university or college, but an online ministry training program that also offers face to face learning in regions where we have staff.   


Is there a deadline to complete my studies?

No!  All our courses are self-paced.  Our courses are designed for busy individuals.    Ordinarily, each certificate course can be completed anywhere from 4 -24 weeks.  The diploma program is designed to be completed in a year or less. It all depends on each individual's capacity to learn, time available and access to technology. 


Will I have access to an instructor during my studies?

Yes, you will have an instructor, also called a trainer who will be available to answer any questions and guide you in your studies.  Also, depending on your geographical location, you will have a training facilitator & mentor you will be able to reach out to as well for additional support. 


As of November 16, 2020, students will no longer need to submit the self-test answers for the Harvesttime Curriculum courses to the training support team for review. Upon completion of each course, students will be sent a form to attest to completing the required materials and also asked to complete a one-page essay to explain in their own words what they got out of the course.  It is important for students to notify the training support team via email once they have completed a course so that the necessary forms be sent to them. 

1. These two items listed above are all you will need to successfully complete each Harvestime course and be awarded a certificate of completion (Certificate Students Only).

2. The final exam will include a question for students to attest to completing the self-test at the end of the chapters. This will be required to successfully complete each Harvesttime course. (Applies to only Diploma Students)

 What are the requirements for your diploma program?

Click on link to get more information https://www.swordofthespiritbibletraining.org/Diploma-Program.php

How Can I make payment for the enrollment and graduation fees?

By going to this website and clicking on the link that will take you to the payment page. All credit and debit cards are accepted. Payment made mostly through Paypal.


Do you offer a certificate for every course in the certificate program?

 Yes, it will be a system generated certificate of completion offered through our student portal site after you have completed the course.  Courses - Sword of The Spirit Bible Institute (coursify.me)

Do you mail out certificates?

No, in order to reduce our overhead costs and high costs of international shipping, we only email certificates of completion via PDF or Word format at this time. 

Do I require textbooks for my course?

No, you do not, the course materials (study guide or manual) are provided online to you via the link at no cost. Your Bible is mandatory for every course. 

 Does SOTS ordain ministers or pastors?

Sword of The Spirit Bible Institute doesn't ordain ministers. This is usually reserved for churches or ministerial associations.  You can check with your local church or national/international Christian organizations on their ordination requirements. 

Are your courses or programs approved?

Yes!  DOZme Int'L  is a 501c3 priviate organization and has religious exemption in the states of New Mexico (Section 21-23-4 NMSA 1978) and Idaho (ID Code § 33-2402) to offer faith-based training through SOTS (our training ministry).   


Where is The School/Ministry Located?

Sword of The Spirit is The Training Arm of DOZme International, and it is located in the United States. The organization is legally registered in two states, the States of New Mexico, and Idaho. Our Staff & Volunteers are based all over the world to include the United States, Australia, Nigeria, Europe, Zambia, Kenya and we are still growing.

What type of curriculum Does SOTS use? 
1.  Harvestime Training Curriculum - With permission from Harvestime International Network,  DOZme uses their course materials as part of their training ministry's curricula. These courses are copyrighted and cannot be used without permission.  http://harvestime.org/

2.  Discipleship Tools by In Thy Word Ministries - With permission from ITW ministries, we are able to use, reprint and share their studies with the public.   URL address www.discipleshiptools.org. These courses are copyrighted and cannot be used without permission.   

All course materials created by SOTS/DOZme cannot be reprinted or used without permission.

Where are Your Students Located?

We currently have students in over 20 countries.  They include Nigeria, Zambia, India, Ghana, United States, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Ghana, Pakistan, and more...

Are your courses completely online?

All of our courses are 100% online/distance learning with option of face-to-face learning where we have regional trainers and coordinators.

Sword of The Spirit Bible Institute

A Biblically Centered Training Program
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