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Our Affiliate Program


As an affiliate, you will receive the following benefits:

1. The Sword of The Bible Institute Affiliate Partnership Program will allow your church or ministry to operate as an affiliate of SOTS Bible Institute.  Affiliate school or ministry is free to choose its own name.

2. The Sword of The Spirit Bible Institute will provide administrative support when necessary.

3. The Sword of The Spirit Bible Institute will provide access to the curriculum offered for this program. Each site location is given permission to reproduce copies and is responsible for all printing if needed.

4. Each affiliate site will teach the courses, proctor all exams and tests as well as grade the work, keep academic records and provide direct correspondence with the students who are enrolled in their school.  Exception: Unless learners have been registered as Sword of The Spirit Bible School students and an affiliate site wish to have SOTS grade all course work and maintain academic records.

5. Students will be considered graduates of the affiliate school, and all awards will be presented and or conferred by the affiliate school. Exception: Unless learners have been registered as Sword of The Spirit Bible School students and affiliate site/school wish to have SOTS award certificates/diplomas to students.

 6.Each location is responsible for its own operating costs and expenses. We will only provide the organizational materials and curriculum to enable you fulfill the mission and vision of your organization.

7. When you partner with us, if you are a ministry or church, it will be featured on our websites and blog sites.  Your school or ministry name will be listed on our website.

8.   Affiliates are eligible to enroll in any of our diploma programs at NO cost. This means the affiliate and/or their ministry team and immediate family members (husband, wife, children) will NOT be charged for any fees.  The affiliate and their church or ministry workers also can complete any of our diploma programs absolutely FREE. 

9. Students recruited by Affiliate churches or ministries for any of our diploma programs will have their enrollment fees waived, however they will have to pay graduation fees in full upon graduation from programs. 

Affiliate Requirements (Please provide #3 & #4 upon submission of application)

1.  When you partner with us, you are committing to the following: Praying regularly for SOTS and its parent organization, DOZme International, regular fellowship/connections with other affiliates in the form of weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual meetings, such meetings or fellowship include prayer meetings, affiliate meetings, general school meetings etc. Lack of attendance/fellowship with other affiliates and staff of SOTS will be grounds for termination of affiliate agreement. 
2. Upon approval of application, there is a one-time affiliate fee of $50 (US dollars) required to be paid. Payments accepted via PayPal, Cash App and bank transfer. Once paid, affiliate agreement will be emailed to applicant to review and sign.
3. Certificate of incorporation of the school or the ministry under which the school operates. ( school or ministry must be registered in their region of operation) Exception: if applicant is a person NOT entity and therefore will assume the role of a volunteer affiliate with SOTS.

4.  A list of all courses and their entry requirements.
5.  Diploma students must pay graduation fees prior to obtaining certificate from SOTS. (only for affiliate members who are requesting SOTS to award certificates to their students who have completed any diploma programs).

6. Affiliate membership will be reviewed annually to ensure that member is in good standing with SOTS/DOZme International Training program. 

If you are  interested in partnering with SOTS Training program  after reading the above information to provide Christ-centered training to your church workers and leaders within your church ministry/organization, you are welcome to reach us on via email or text/phone in the "contact us" page to request a membership application.

We look forward to hearing from you.

In His Service! 

SOTS Affiliate Support Team 





Sword of The Spirit Bible Institute

A Biblically Centered Training Program
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