Christ-Centered/Biblical Mentoring is a relationship established on trust & understanding.

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Upon The Completion of This Course, Student will:
1. Understand how to start a Christ-centered mentoring ministry
2. Obtain tips on building a thriving mentoring ministry
3. Review documentation needed in the mentoring ministry
4. Understand what boundaries are and the importance of setting boundaries in
the mentoring relationship.

Prerequisite:  Christ Centered Mentoring 101

It is important to take the first mentoring class before this one.

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Christ-Centered Mentoring - Definition
What is Christ-Centered Mentoring?


 What is Christ-Centered Mentoring?


First of all, Christ-Centered Mentoring is NOT…

• Consulting – Consultants are professionals that help one’s congregation, ministry, or business.
• Business Coaching – Coaches partners with individuals or businesses to take them from where they currently are to where they need to be in their business or professional lives.
• Only for Pastors or Ordained Ministers
• Only for those with theological or advanced ministry training


Christ-Centered or Biblical Mentoring (used interchangeably) is a relationship established on trust and
understanding. It is a process through which mentors offer their experience or expertise from a biblical perspective and support to others who are rarely experienced than they are and who strongly desires to grow in their walk with God. They guide the mentee into living a victorious Christian life, learning biblical principles to direct their daily living. A mentor is typically referred to as “an experienced and trusted advisor. He or she can serve as a teacher, counselor, and advocate for those looking up to them for guidance. Our Lord Jesus Christ is a
classic example of a spiritual mentor.

The purpose of every Christian is to mentor and make disciples of others. The goal of mentorship is to help mentees become confident in Christ, helping to develop the faith of others as God instructs us in Ephesians 4:16 and I Thessalonians 5:11. Training/Teaching, Mentoring, Coaching, and Discipling are all ways of fulfilling the mandate of the great commission.

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in[a] the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” Matthew 28:19-20


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Creating a Successful Mentoring Relationship
Keys to Creating Successful Mentoring Relationships

Keys to Successful Mentoring Relationships

Before starting a mentoring ministry, it is essential to identify the tools that will make your Christ-centered mentoring ministry a successful one. Let us look at them:

1. First and foremost, bringing the Lord into each mentoring session is key to a successful mentoring relationship. You do this through prayer and being sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

2. Develop a Relationship of Trust: An atmosphere of trust needs to be established in a relationship before capable Christ-centered mentoring can occur. Be genuinely interested in getting to know your mentee, their likes, dislikes, family life, relationships, professional life, education, etc. This you do over time, not all at once. As the mentee gets more comfortable with you, he/she will share more.

3. Define Roles and Responsibilities: It is essential to define the relationship clearly; clarify what roles each party will be playing in the relationship. Discuss the type of mentoring methods that will work for the mentee and the desired goals they hope to accomplish during the mentoring relationship.

4. Establishing Short- and Long-Term Objectives (goals): Both parties must come together to develop mutually agreed-upon goals that will be the focus of their mentoring relationship. As the mentor and mentee work together, there should be opportunities for constructive feedback to mentees, mutual respect, active and
reflective listening by the mentors, homework or assignments given, and accountability that is taking place during the relationship.

5. Problem Solving: The mentor and mentee should work together to identify challenges and brainstorm possible solutions. They search scripture together and look at other resources to help solve specific struggles mentees have been facing in their spiritual life or other areas of life.

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Christ-Centered Mentoring Programs
Starting a Successful Mentoring Ministry

Interesting in Starting a Successful Mentoring program or ministry?  Let us look at what you need:


Establishing a Christian based mentoring program like any other ministry or business large or small will require planning, goal, mission, and commitment when starting. Many individuals become mentors or start mentoring ministries/programs for different reasons. For example, an individual who has a passion for seeing women
who have been suffered domestic violence, or human trafficking, sees them empowered through the word of God and living victorious lives in Christ Jesus. They subsequently start a mentoring ministry just for women.

Others target at-risk youths in the community, young men & women incarcerated. Several churches have mentoring ministries, and elders, deacons, or church leaders usually run them within the local church. When Building Your Mentoring Ministry or Program, you need to consider achieving the following:

• First and foremost, Pray and ask God for direction in preparing the ministry.
• Seek God also on the objectives and vision of the ministry.
• Develop a Mission Statement.
• If it’s a stand-alone ministry, not affiliated with any church, it is strongly
suggested that you register the ministry as a nonprofit.
• After seeking the Lord concerning the plan and objectives of the ministry, set out to develop your ministry plan/proposal.
• Research other organizations for ideas (look at what others are doing successfully).
• Accountability is critical, and so it is essential to set up a committee or board for overseeing activities of the ministry/program.
• Decide where you would like to conduct your mentoring sessions. (if affiliated with any church, it can be in one of their classrooms or offices during the week). Other places to consider are :

1. Coffee shops
2. Community libraries (private rooms)
3. Private office (if you have access to one), could be a rental space you are
occupying for other services.
4. Community centers

• Decide on when and how long to meet. For example, 3-6-9-12 month weekly sessions, every other week for three months, As needed, etc. Also, are you going to meet for 45 minutes or 60 minutes each session? Also, are your sessions going to be formal, informal, or both?

• Determine your budget. (How much are you looking to allocate to the project/program?)
• Foreseen challenges and ways to resolve challenges
• Advertising (utilizing social media, flyers, local church meetings, word of mouth, etc.).
• Recruiting individuals (through the help of family, friends, colleagues, church members to help find the population or group you are seeking to reach out to.

• Determine what additional resources you will need to build your mentoring ministry. For example, will you be recruiting volunteers or paid individuals in the initial phase of the ministry/program or later? Will you require office space for services offered, a van or car to shuttle your mentees, etc.?

At the start of your ministry, you may or may not recruit people to help you. Depending on the vision and objectives of your ministry, you will need help because you cannot do it alone. Whether you decide to recruit one to start with or ten over time, the following must apply to every individual that will be working with others (mentees). A few apply to mentors only and will be noted below.

Every Individual Must:
Be a born-again Christian
Adhere to the teachings of Jesus Christ
Possess qualities of a Christ-centered Mentor (apply to mentors only.)
Commit to the mentees they have been assigned to.
Understand and Support the mission and objectives of the mentoring ministry
Be punctual and present at every mentoring session except for extenuating
circumstances (apply to mentors only.)
Have shared interests, hobbies (not mandatory)
Be respectful and empathetic to their mentee’s situations (apply to mentors
Be ready to partake in ongoing training and supervision
Be an active member of a local church
Support the ministry through prayers, encouragement, monetary donations &
giving of their time. 

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Documentation Needs in Mentoring Ministry

Types of Documentation Required in the Mentoring Ministry

1. Intake Application - This document is completed prior to the start of receiving
mentoring services.
2. Mentoring Agreement Form - Like counseling, therapeutic or coaching sessions,
the mentor will need to develop an agreement or contract to help both the mentor
and mentee understand the expectations of both parties in the mentoring relationship and guidelines to
abide by.
3. Permission Form – This form applies primarily to minors. Youth under the age of
eighteen requires parental permission to participate in a mentoring session.

4. Spiritual Assessment – Helps understand where the mentee is spiritually at
the time of seeking mentoring services
Your ministry can design these documents, and you can get some tips online by
looking at sample documents of existing mentoring programs and ministries. Also,
depending on the type of mentoring services and the population you are serving,
other forms may be required.

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Setting Boundaries
Boundaries in Mentoring Ministry

Boundaries, according to the Cambridge dictionary’s 3rd definition, are limits of what people consider being acceptable behavior. It is a protective barrier that helps establish respect within the relationship and keeps both parties safe in the relationship. So just like between or among countries, for boundaries to be effective, it always needs to stay guarded and consistent. The mentor needs to be vigilant in the relationship; be conscious of what is continually going on around them. To be an effective Christ-centered mentor, you must know when to set boundaries. (as in any professional relationship or relationship between a Pastor and Congregant/Member) It is necessary to set professional boundaries to protect the
mentoring relationship.

Boundaries should be set to avoid dependency upon one another for emotional support and any other support that is not within the context of the biblical mentoring relationship.

Why is it essential to set boundaries?
Boundary setting is vital so that each person involved in the mentoring relationship is clear about his or her role. They help to establish and nurture trust in a relationship. Most significantly, they help to protect not only the mentee but also the mentor. Setting boundaries, especially when working with youths and individuals who have
suffered past trauma associated with abandonment and detachment issues, helps to avoid confusion and miscommunication. Young people need consistent boundaries and realistic expectations to feel safe, physically, and emotionally.

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Final Thoughts

In Summary,  the call to mentorship or mentoring is for every Christian. It is not solely for pastors, ministers, or other Christian leaders. Mentoring is an aspect of discipleship that culminates in fulfilling the great commission as mandated by the Lord Jesus Christ before His ascension. The critical thing required of us is the passion for
serving, for being willing to learn and grow as one of His disciples and be able to replicate our knowledge and experiences to others. You do not have to have a wealth of biblical knowledge to become a mentor, but the heart of a servant in addition to other traits listed in Christ-Centered Mentoring 101. And so, it is time for you to stop waiting for others to do the mentoring but become a mentor yourself willing and ready to share your knowledge, wisdom, and expertise with others.

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Test Your Knowledge

1 . Define Christ-Centered or Biblical Mentoring? 

2.  List and expatiate on 3 keys to a successful mentoring relationship

3).  In your own words, why is it critical to have the right people to serve with you in your mentoring program or ministry?

4).  What are the types of documentation needed in the mentoring ministry?

5).  What are the differences between mentoring, consulting and coaching? 


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About the course

Christ-Centered Mentoring 102

Upon The Completion of This Course, Student will:
1. Understand how to start a Christ-centered mentoring ministry
2. Obtain tips on building a thriving mentoring ministry
3. Review documentation needed in the mentoring ministry
4. Understand what boundaries are and the importance of setting boundaries in
the mentoring relationship

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