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FINAL PROJECT FP 500 -DIPLOMA... FINAL PROJECT FP 500... FINAL PROJECT FP... Sword of The Spirit Bible Institute
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What you will learn?

FP-Diploma of Biblical Counseling & Crisis Care
Final Project

Carefully read instructions and complete final project before submission.  Download attached form and submit your answers via school page link below:

or via email at in word document


Please note:

Access final project only after all course requirements including final exam have been completed for program.  

Please allow 3-5 business days from submission for final project to be reviewed and graded.  

Classroom content
PDF - 260 KB
FP-Diploma of Christian Discipleship
FP-Diploma of Biblical Studies
FP-Diploma in Biblical Life Coaching
FP-Diploma of Biblical Theology

About the course

Final Project FP 500

This involves a comprehensive writing assignment.  Student will be required to complete a 4-6 pages typewritten double spaced paper.   Project topic(s) will be forwarded to student after successful completion of all courses in program.

Please be advised that this course is only for DIPLOMA students to be taken after completion of all courses in  program. 

 Please note, these charges ($50.00) covers both the final project & certificate issued.

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