This course introduces the student to the ministry of counseling from a biblical perspective.

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The student will be able to have a better understanding of biblical counseling as a ministry and its importance.
The learner/student will be able to understand the differences & similarities between Biblical counseling and Christian counseling and also identify the relevance of biblical counseling in scripture.


Around the world, people face similar life challenges. They try to solve their problems in different ways;some use illegal substanceslike heroin, alcohol, othersseek spiritual guidance and direction. The bottom line is people are hurting and desperately in need of a solution. Unknown to them, what they need is the loving touch of the Almighty God. He is ready to bring hope and healing to the lives of those who genuinely reach out to Him. Counseling has been going on forseveral decades aroundthe world. We know in ancient times frombiblical history, spiritual and religious leaders conducted counseling.

It is not a new phenomenon. As a general rule, all forms of counseling share the same desire to help people
overcome their problems. Find meaning and joy in life and become healthy individuals, both mentally and
emotionally, but their approaches, applications, and principles differ. In Christianity, ongoing debates are
surrounding how counseling should be best practiced. Some believe other disciplines, particularly psychology,
should be integrated into Christian theology. In contrast, others disagree and state that the Bible and the
power of the Holy Spirit should be enough to counsel the individual.

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Biblical Counseling - Definition
Understanding Biblical Counseling

What is Biblical Counseling?
Formerly known as Nouthetic Counseling
❑ Nouthetic counseling is derived from the Greek word "noutheteo" which means to
❑ It is a form of counseling strictly based upon the Bible, biblical principles and focused on Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit. It is reliant and based on the inerrant and undiluted word of God. It accepts the premise that the Bible is God's word to man ( 2 Timothy 3:16-17). This form of counseling seeks to change the heart and not just alter behavior.
❑ "Jay Adams" popularly known as the founder of the modern Biblical (Nouthetic) counseling movement.


According to the International Association of Biblical Counselors, biblical counseling seeks to carefully discover those areas in which a believer (Christian) may be disobedient to the principles and commands of scripture and to help him, or her learn how to submit to God's will lovingly. Jay E. Adams is referred to as the "father" of
Nouthetic. He wrote a book that laid the foundation for the method titled Competent to Counsel in 1970. He has since published other books that go further into his techniques and has established the Institute of Nouthetic Studies, to train his faithbased counselors.

For the last five decades, Dr. Jay Adams has been at the forefront of the biblical counseling movement training pastors and other Christian leaders and works in pastoral counseling that is solely based on God's Word. Biblical counseling, formerly known as Nouthetic Counseling. Greek work, Noutheteo, meaning "to admonish" is a form of counseling based strictly upon the Bible and focused on Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Nouthetic Counseling was the standard method of counseling used before the onset of secular psychology in the early 1900s.' Biblical counseling is an approach to counseling that uses the Bible to address the issues in the lives of individuals, couples, and families. It is founded upon the premise that God, through the power of his Holy Spirit and as the father of all humankind, has solutions to man's brokenness and that His solutions are more effective than those devised by man. (Colossians 2:1-10) According to Master's University of Divinity Biblical Counseling Program, biblical counselors are trained to present the eternal truth of God's Word to individuals and families who are seeking to move past the false, shallow, and worthless advice of secular humanism. Countless lives are being ruined by the wages of sin (Romans 6:23), and countless individuals are desperately seeking truth.

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Training & Membership Associations
Advancing Your Knowledge of Biblical Counseling

There are a few organizations (offering training, credentialing & membership) that are
committed to the biblical counseling movement:

  Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC) - Kansas City, Missouri. +1 816-282-2836.
  The International Association of Biblical Counselors (IABC) - Glenwood Springs, Colorado. +1 (877) 583-3033
  American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) - Forest, Virginia. +1 434 385- 4048.

  National Biblical Counseling Association (NBCA) - Upper Darby, Pennsylvania. +1-800- 551-1273
  Biblical Counseling Coalition (BCC) - Ontario Canada.

   Biblical Counseling Africa (BCA) - BCA | Biblical Counselling Africa


If interested in advancing your biblical counseling ministry training, check out the counseling
degree programs for the schools below:

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS) - Baptist Theological Seminary | Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (
Masters International University program -

College of Biblical Studies - Dually-accredited College of Biblical Studies (
Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary - Biblical Counseling Programs | MABTS

Maranatha Baptist University - Church Ministry: Biblical Counseling (Men) - Maranatha Baptist University (





If interested in advancing your biblical counseling ministry training, check out the counseling
degree programs for the schools below:
Masters International University program -
Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary - Biblical Counseling Programs | MABTS

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Biblical Counseling vs. Christian Counseling
Is There a Difference Between Biblical Counseling & Christian Counseling?

The beginning of Christian Counseling.
Is there a difference between Biblical counseling and Christian

❑ Defining ChristianCounseling
❑ Secular Psychology & its connection to ChristianCounseling
❑ Major differences and similarities between ChristianCounseling and Biblical

To the non-believer and new believer in Christ, they will probably say there is none and refer to it as being the same. Some seasoned believers use both interchangeably but to other seasoned believers, especially those involved in ,they may observe a couple of differences between the two.

To understand the difference between Biblical and Christian counseling, we will have to understand what  Psychology is and its relation to Christian counseling.  

Defining Christian Counseling
During the mid 20th century, many christians thought they could integrate secular theory into their counseling programs ( i.e., combining the Bible with psychology); hence the practice, christian counseling was birthed.
Christian Counseling, also known as Integrated counseling, attempts to combine biblical principles with some aspects of secular psychology. Everett Worthington, a licensed clinical psychologist and Professor of Psychology at Virginia Commonwealth University, provides this definition of what Christian counseling is. He states, "It is an explicit or implicit agreement between a counselor who is a Christian and a client for the provision
of help for the client, in which the counselor not only has at heart the client's psychological welfare but also the Christian spiritual welfare.

Having now understood what Christian counseling is, how does it relate to secular

What is Secular Psychology?
Secular psychology is based on the teachings of psychoanalysts such as Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, and Carl Rogers. Secular psychology is based on the ideas that man is good and that the answer to his problems lies within himself.

Christian's counseling in relation to Secular Psychology

• Secular Psychology's Relation to Christian Counseling? While biblical counseling believes that the Bible alone is sufficient to heal the fallen conditions and struggles of people, Christian counseling supports the use of specific psychological theories to help heal and resolve life issues. However,they reject any other theories the deny the existence of a theistic God and biblical truths.

Major difference(s) and similarities between Christian Counseling and Biblical (Nouthetic) Counseling

1. Biblical counseling rejects secular psychology all together while christian counseling often integrates secular psychology into their counseling.

2. Biblical counseling sees scripture as all sufficient to equip the child of God for every good work (2 Timothy 3:17).  It's the only manual and guide to complete wholeness and restoration.

3. Biblical counseling teaches that man's underlying problem is spiritual.


1. Both christian counseling and biblical counseling depend upon the power of the Holy Spirit to relate God's inspired truth about people, problems, and solutions to human suffering and sin.

2. Both biblical counseling and Christian counseling apply biblical principles in their counseling sessions.

3. They both believe in their counselees or clients seeking medical treatment or advice when deemed necessary. In situations like that, the counselor refers counselee/client to a Clinical Psychiatrist or Primary care Physician.

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Biblical Counseling and Scripture
What does The Bible say about Biblical Counseling?

Is the word " Biblical Counseling" found in the Bible?

The term "biblical counseling" will not be found anywhere in the Bible, but the concept is not new. The basis of biblical counseling is formulated from scriptural principles and examples of interactions of God with man. For example, if you look at the old testament, one of the earliest moments of counsel,I can recall in Joshua 1:8, when God commanded Joshua, after the death of Mosesto meditate day and night on His word. He admonished
him also to apply the word of God to his life so that he can be prosperous and successful.

In scripture, you have both Greek and Hebrew words that when translated means "counsel. "When you look at the words "to guide" "purpose," "to instruct" that originated from Latin, these are all components of biblical counseling. Then you also have the following words which originated from the Greek word "Parakeleo" (to exhort, to encourage), similar words in scripture are "beseech," "to admonish." They were used mostly in the New Testament.

As Christians, we are called to exhort, to encourage one another in Christ and that is exactly what the role of the counselor in the church, to come alongside of the counselee to offer support, encouragement and care to those who are struggling with life's issues.

Examples of Biblical Counselors in Scripture There are a few people in scriptures that you can identify as counselors in their time, but the ones that genuinely exemplified what biblical counseling was all about were:

1. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
Jesus was, and still is the greatest model of a biblical counselor. The goal and
mission of his ministry were to effect change that would result in a victorious life
for all those who believed in Him and wanted to impact lives for the kingdom. Luke
19:10, 5:24. Jesus was practical in applying biblical principles when ministering to

2. Apostle Paul
Brother Paul was another great model of a biblical counselor. He was alwaysencouraging the brethren in Christ to walk and work in a way that was pleasing to God. Paul had a passion for helping believers (Christians) grow in
their faith and applying biblical principles to the daily challenges they faced daily. These principles are still very effective in the believer's life today.

See in  course guide,  helpful Scriptural references related to biblical counseling.


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Course Completion

Please be advised, to earn the certificate below, all 4 courses must be completed.  Certificates are NOT issued to single courses. 

Certificate: Counseling God's Way
Introduction to Biblical Counseling
The Benefits of Godly Wisdom
Ministry of The Holy Spirit
Foundations of Faith

Please advise that this course form is only for students working on the certificate program listed above.  It requires all 4 courses to be completed to earn a certificate of completion.   

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Final Exam - Intro to Biblical Counseling & Crisis Care

 Please note that only students of the Diploma in Biblical Counseling & Crisis Care program is permitted to take the final exam for this course.  It is NOT required for individuals who are enrolling in this course for their own personal enrichment.

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Final Exam Questionnaire

Download  exam form and submit your answers via email at


 Please allow 3-5 business days from submission for exam to be reviewed and graded.  

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The  Introduction to Biblical Counseling BC 101 course introduces the student to the ministry of counseling from a biblical perspective, the role of the biblical counselor and the benefits of biblical counseling within the church. 



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