This course is part of the Harvestime curriculum. This course introduces the subject of spiritual warfare in a believer's life.

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What you will learn?

What does the course cover?

In each lesson you will find the following:
-A Step To Take: Each chapter title reflects an action step to take.
-Objectives: Goals for each spiritual warfare strategy session.
-Key Verses For This Study: Selected Scriptures for memorization.

Each lesson is written in an interactive format which means you will be asked to respond and apply what you are learning. The Holy Spirit will help you understand and apply spiritual warfare strategies more effectively as a result of studying this material. God is building a great and mighty army. Listen closely with your spiritual ears and you will hear the summons to battle.


Please note: 

Students, ensure that you read through entire course and utilize the chapter study guide starting from page 224 which is very helpful as you study. Please note there is a final examination (open book) at the end of course guide. You can test your knowledge (It is optional) since the answers are already provided.  We encourage you to answer the questions honestly (without reviewing answers) until you are done. It's for your own benefit. However, for your training with us, a course assignment needs to be completed for students planning to earn a Certificate of Completion. 

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Course Completion

Please be advised, to earn the certificates below, all courses must be completed in the following programs below.  Certificates are NOT issued to single courses. 

Certificate: Effective Spiritual Warfare Strategies

Spiritual Strategies (Warfare)
Strategic Spiritual Warfare
Battle For The Body

Certificate:  Foundations of  Prophetic Ministry Training 

Ministering in the Prophetic
Knowing God's Voice
The Ministry of the Holy Spirit 
Biblical Worship
Strategic Spiritual Warfare

Please advise that this course form is only for students working on the certificate program listed above.  It requires all courses in each study  to be completed to earn a certificate of completion.   

 Download attached form and submit your answers via school page link below

or via email at

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About the course

Regardless of the misplaced emphasis on the subject of spiritual warfare, one thing is quite clear: Jesus recognized the daily struggles we all face, He acknowledged a very real spiritual enemy, and He provided effective strategic spiritual guidelines for dealing with him. To be effective in spiritual warfare, we need to know these spiritual strategies and how to put them into action.

It is for this reason that "Strategic Spiritual Warfare" has been written. Instead of just learning about spiritual warfare, you will actually begin to do warfare through a 15-step interactive program that will guide you in facing the battles of life. As you study and apply this material, please be aware that we have tried to be as scripturally accurate as possible. We have also tried to give the work an equilibrium beneficial to people from a wide range of backgrounds

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Daniel A.

Course (s)Taught: Christian Discipleship, Biblical Studies, Teaching Tactics, Spiritual Warfare...

 International Ministry Director for Sword of The Spirit Bible Institute for Africa.  He is also the coordinator and senior instructor for our discipleship program offered in person and virtually. Pastor Daniel has been with SOTS since its inception and has been a valuable part of the team.   He has served as Pastor of his local assembly in Ibadan, Nigeria for several years and have trained in discipleship courses, theology and biblical studies courses. He is also highly experienced in Spiritual Warfare & Strategies.  He is a trained photographer and videographer and also has a background in Insurance sales and security management. 

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